***The American Republic Rises From the Ashes***

The Transition Is Happening


America is

Emerging From Receivership

Breaking the Chains That Bind!

About the Author >>>>>

About the author of the Plan to Resolve the 1933 National Banking Emergency.

I am a patriotic American, a white male, the son of a war hero, born and raised in rural America.

I offer no apologies!

 Guided by the love and strength of daddy’s hand I learned the value of hard work, honor and integrity. ‘Ask not what your country can do for you, ask rather what you can do for America’ was our way of life. In an emergency, relief was sought and provided through family, church and friends. Government was a resource of last resort.

The home was our refuge, safe and protected from the world, where we learned about manners, respect, and morals and the value of the love for family, friends and country. We learned to stand up for the underdog and to fight for those unable to fight for themselves.

Our schools provided us the foundational skills of problem solving and analytical thinking to enhance our knowledge in reading, writing and arithmetic. The swift and effective employment of corporal punishment encouraged our peaceful and cooperative co-existence that provided a safe and secure environment without metal detectors and armed guards.

In the summer of my 16th year, as we sang our way across America and Europe, participants of a 256 member co-ed All State Choir of 16 & 17 year old teenagers, the world opened up before me like a flower to the sun. I returned home, forever changed,… a new and greater perspective of the world emblazoned on my heart.

I was blessed to be able to work side by side with my father, following in his entrepreneurial footsteps. Together we expanded the family business, trained and employed a modest work force, and we left our mark on the community that remains today.

There came a day when my life collided with the dark forces of the deep state. The seduction was fun and exciting, as sweet as young love. But soon the fun and excitement turned to violence and danger, coercion and corruption beyond what the conscience can stand and life spiraled into chaos.

 When I drug myself out of the rubble I found a passion for truth, a passion for America had been ignited within me that refuses to be doused.

I spent 20 years studying the law, banking and the creation of money and debt, while challenging the methods of bankruptcy and foreclosure the banks employ to rob the people of their unalienable right, title and interest in America.

In 2013, I challenged the bankruptcy of the City of Detroit, offering a premature and undeveloped plan to emerge from bankruptcy and was swiftly met with the heavy hand of the central banks.

Today’s Plan has been reviewed by experts in the banking industry and members of the BAR Association and deemed a mature and well developed plan whose details are completely set forth within the source of all governmental power and authority in America today, the Trading With The Enemy Act. To date, even Treasury has been unable to find any flaws in the plan.

The process for the redemption of the property is a mere operation of law leaving no room for discretion.

Neither the President nor congress can redeem America from the central banks. Only the American people can redeem America and return this great nation to the republic of, for and by the American people that was established by our founding fathers.

I invite you to join us in taking back our country.

I am an American patriot and I offer no apologies!

<<<< Out of the Ashes

Today we are witnessing the resurrection of the American Republic!

The world has been at war since the creation of organized religion, each one espousing the superiority of their god over any other. Their ever-expanding separation mentality cementing the idea that god is an external ‘being’ having eternal power over the soul to damn it to eternal hell fires for any perceived wrong. The church has diligently established the polarity of right and wrong, heaven and hell established itself as an intermediary between you and ‘god.’

The church has identified the do’s and don’ts of salvation as well as the ‘cost’ of salvation and ultimate delivery of your soul into heaven. The church has been so effective in establishing their control over the people that in the year 1213 King John conveyed the entire British kingdom to the pope for the remission of his ‘sins’ ensuring his seat in heaven.

The pope has been the primary trustee over the earth as the Keeper of the Seal of Saint Peter and holds the ‘legal title’ to the kingdom in the form of the Holy Alliance 1213.

Under the pope’s ‘rulership’ drugs, human trafficking and pedophilia have become standard operating procedure for the ruling elite. The world has descended into perpetual war and terror against the people as they ruthlessly spill the blood of hundreds of millions to expand their power and control over the world while raping the resources of the earth leaving toxic waste in their wake.

The pope became the feudal lord over America in 1783 via the Treaty of Paris, paradoxically called the Treaty of Peace, that bound America into military service to the pope.

FDR’s New Deal ‘Pledged’ the property of the American people to a ‘sacred purpose,’ conveying the property into the Public Trust, opening the door for the United States to leverage the property. The sacred purpose was the expansion of power over the earth on behalf of the Vatican at the expense of the people.

Today the Vatican’s reign of terror over the world is terminated! The legal title to the earth has been wrested from their grasp by the beneficial owners of earth, we the people, terminating their right of hypothecation of our property. The assets have been claimed and confirmed in the courts of equity. The ‘debt against the property’ is being zeroed out and the assets are now being conveyed out of the Public Trust and into the Quantum Financial System for re-distribution to the people to whom they belong.

America’s redemption from the Public Trust and the resurrection of the American Republic is in process!

We will soon witness the complete fall of the Vatican and the collapse of the Public Trust in the form of indictments, arrest and removal of the Agents of the Trust from their seats of power. We will begin to see the reversal of the markets and banking holiday as the assets are being conveyed into a new trust, under a new contract and a new set of rules.

The Redemption of America and resurrection of the American Republic will be perceived by some as a devastating collapse while others will perceive it as it is, the simple transition of the property from one trust to another.

 Fear not, for there is nothing to fear but fear itself for the American Republic will rise out of the ashes of the 3D world into the Quantum 5D world guided by the One Consciousness of the whole. The Quantum Financial System is equitable in nature and is governed by the group consciousness rather than by the ever corruptible ‘man.’ All checks and balances are built into the quantum system via the collective soul. Those with ill intent will no longer be able to profit from their fraudulent and usurious ways as the group consciousness will no longer allow it. That is the way of the 5d world to which we are transitioning.

The Quantum Financial System will lead to a change in the way we see ‘money.’ Rather than a hard currency to be traded from one to another we will begin to see ‘money’ as the movement or flow of energy…… Our Life Energy!

The Redemption of America will zero the debt, release and return the net earnings accrued for the use of your good faith & credit to be deposited into the new, equitable 5d Quantum Financial System.

Currency and money have long been used as a marker with which to judge or determine your status as compared to the next man. In entering the Quantum system, we grow beyond the need for petty ego-based competition and truly move into a reality where the soul operates the outer form and the ego is returned to its intended position as a TOOL rather than the OPERATOR of your being.

/ Out of the Ashes /