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The United States has administrated our Good Faith & Credit for 84 years under a national emergency, resulting in a $19Trillion debt and NOT once has anyone brought forward a plan to end the emergency.

After decades of research I was shocked to find that, not only do the funds to discharge the debt already exist but that it is one signature placed on one document on March 9, 1933 that is blocking discharge and forcing America into perpetual debt. One unlawful and unconstitutional Act!

Discharging the debt is as simple as Accounting 101, but, I have found that the largest hurdle to discharging the debt is overcoming our programmed belief that it cannot be done. I say programmed belief because that belief system has absolutely no basis in fact yet is more deeply ingrained in the American psyche than our religious beliefs. At the mere mention of discharging the debt people roll their eyes and shut down.

The reality is that our economic system is based on debt. Increased taxation is an expansion of that debt and can never discharge the debt. You cannot discharge a debt with a debt instrument. Our economic system of fiat currency backed by the Good Faith & Credit of the American People rather than any real value or substance, is no more than accounting entries on a ‘T’ Account; digits on a computer screen and therefore must be brought to balance through the use of accounting principles.

Here at The National Voice we have made every attempt to break this all down to easy to digest bits in the hopes that when you leave these pages you will begin to see how funds are created in America today providing you with the answer to ‘Where are the funds?’ if they already exist.

At the end of our presentation here we will provide you the details of ‘THE PLAN.’ THE PLAN although quite simple and straight forward cannot be accomplished by a single person but will take a collective effort by the American people, each one doing his/her part.


Relax Come on in!

It’s NOT about Religion!

The Funds Already Exist!

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The world is in transition from fiat currency to currency of value & substance!

The U.S. is the last holdout in the global conversion to a currency of value and substance.


1) Because there is power and control in debt and fiat currency!

2) Someone is trying to steal the property from the people!

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The Funds Already Exist!

To best show you that the funds already exist to discharge the debt we need to understand the accounting in the creation of funds.

The following is the accounting ledger for a mortgage.   Notice that the banks never loan you anything!

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Banks pay their depositors a small interest on their deposits because they loan those funds out to other customers at a higher interest rate. The difference between the two interest rates is the bank’s profit as the middle man.

This insinuates that the bank has value/funds in one account that it is going to give you temporary use of for a cost. That cost is called interest.

The TRUTH is that the bank loans you nothing! The bank does not transfer funds from a depositor account to you. That would be a loan! You saw above that what really happens in a ‘mortgage’ or ‘loan’ is much different than what you and I were taught in school.

But, even more disturbing than that is how the UNITED STATES creates funds from our Good Faith & Credit!

The U.S. has the largest prison population per capita in the world!


Because it is profitable!

Profiting from your pain & suffering!

But, it is only profitiable as long as the STATE can deny you access to the set-off funds. More accurately, it is the Federal Reserve Banks and Central Banks that profit from denying the people access to the set-off funds. The STATE keeps the ENEMY COMBATANTS, you and I, at peace through secrecy. If while standing in line at the Department Motor Vehicles and they justified their rudeness by informing you that they considered you the enemy how would you react? If you knew that the funds already existed in your name to satisfy all of your debt but the banks were withholding them from you. How would you react?

The Secret Accounts!

Are private!

The Liability Accounts are the Set-Off accounts ….

Your asset that has been ‘abandoned’ and seized and are held in abeyance awaiting your return and claim!!

Your are the Beneficial Owner of the accounts!

Your Good Faith & Credit

Take back control of your

Good Faith & Credit!

Your Asset Accounts have been seized!

As an Enemy of the State!

Blocking your ability to satisfy the terms of the 1933 mortgage placed on your property and labor!

A mortgage established before your birth,

Of which you were not informed,

Demanding Mandatory participation!


You are the Beneficial Owner!

With Right, Title and Interest in the property as the true owner!

Even if you do not ‘own’ a home, farm or ranch you are one of the Beneficial Owners in original jurisdiction.  As such you have a Divine Right of Use of the ‘property’….. i.e. The Divine Estate.

‘Ask and you shall receive!’ and ‘Knock three times and the door shall be opened to you!’ describe our Divine Right to live in a state of grace. It was not the original intent that you pay a tax or fee to use what the Lord granted you. Nor was it the original intent that you be required to purchase a license authorizing you to use what is yours. The definition of ‘License’ is the right to do that which is otherwise unlawful.

You have a natural right to travel freely across this land yet the STATE requires you purchase a license to do that travelling in a motorized vehicle …. your motorized vehicle for which you paid. The truth is that you have a Divine Right of use of the property without tax, fee or license.

One unlawful and unconstitutional Act!

The Trading With The Enemy Act as amended by the Emergency Banking Relief Act of 1933

That labelled all Americans Enemies of the State!

Re-Establish your political status as Beneficial Owner!

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