Types of Plasma

Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

CO2 activated Plasma water supports the nervous system, works on the emotional field, brings neurosystem in balance. Can be used for disinfecting, radiation contamination and viruses. CO2 activated Plasma water can be used pure or diluted depending on the treatment requirement. It will activates cells, revitalizes the body and strengthen the immune system. CO2 activated Plasma water is very beneficial to all kinds of muscle injuries.

Zinc Oxide (ZnO)

ZnO activated Plasma water (zinc) supports focus and emotional well-being.
ZnO activated Plasma water opens the door of the mid brain where the thalamus and hypothalamus that control and store emotions, allowing an easier process to release stored up emotions.

Copper Oxide (CuO2)

CuO2 activated Plasma (copper) supports the lymph system,  musculosketetal system, for disinfection, detoxes heavy metals, water decontamination, antibacterial and antiviral.
It can support bone health, production of red blood cells and promote collagen levels.

Iron oxide (CH3)

CH3 activated Plasma water (iron) supports blood system, promotes energy flow and giving energy as it is part of the sugar chemistry.
CH3 activated Plasma water will strongly energize the body and is nutritious. The carbon within CH3 and CO2 Plasma activated waters release energy while the hydrogen of the CH3 Plasma activated water and the oxygen of CO2 Plasma activated water combine to provide moisture, which is needed in the body.

Other Plasma activated water formulas:

While my plasmas are used for a better resonance to the physiology of the body, here are some formulas for specifics health needs.

 C02 and Zn0 = emotions and the mind.
Resonates with calming of the nervous system and mind allowing stuck emotions to be released and restores balance. Helps restore homeostasis in lymph system. Great against viruses. Great for all skincare needs.

 C02 and CH3 = energy, power, soul and spirit. It resonates with massive power source, it is the rudimentary of sugar/energy, the primordial energy. Associated with hemoglobin, it aids to muscle recovery post workout. Adds energy to the healing process.

 C02 and CU02 = emotional and physical body. Calms the mind, nervous system and aids to soft tissue, ligaments and joints.           Read More